Chef 12.3.0 公布,朝向云计算技术开源系统系统软件整合架构

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Chef 12.3.0 公布,朝向云计算技术开源系统系统软件整合架构

Chef 12.3.0 公布,此版本号关键有下列升级:

pr#3160: Use Chef Zero in socketless mode for local mode, add --no-listen flag to disable port binding

Nolan Davidson: Removed after_created and added test to recipe_spec

Tim Sogard: Reset $HOME to user running chef-client when running via sudo

Torben Knerr: Allow for the chef gem installation to sueed without elevated privileges #3126

Mike Dodge MacOSX services: Load LaunchAgents as console user, adding plist and session_type options.

Eric Herot Ensure knife ssh doesn't use a non-existant field for hostname #3131

Tom Hughes Ensure searches progress in the face of inplete responses #3135

pr#3162: Add --minimal-ohai flag to client/solo/apply; restricts ohai to only the bare minimum of plugins.

Ensure link's path attribute works with delayed #3130

gem_package, chef_gem should not shell out to using rubygems #2867

Add dynamic resource resolution similar to dynamic provider resolution

Add Chef class fascade to internal structures

Fix nil pointer for windows event logger #3200

Use partial search for knife status

Ensure chef/knife properly honours proxy config




Chef 是1个系统软件集成化架构,为全部构架出示配备管理方法作用,有了 Chef 你能够:

Manage your servers by writing code, not by running mands. (via Cookbooks)

Integrate tightly with your applications, databases, LDAP directories, and more. (viaLibraries)

Easily configure applications that require knowledge about your entire infrastructure ("What systems are running my application?" "What is the current master database server?")



Chef 12.3.0 公布,朝向云计算技术开源系统

公司新闻 2021-03-14
Chef 12.3.0 公布,此版本号关键有下列升级:pr#3160: Use Chef Zero in socketless mode for local mode, add --...


公司新闻 2021-03-13

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